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Welcome to Santooshini Infra - Tech Pvt. Ltd


Santooshini Infra - Tech Pvt. Ltd had enter into educational sector with a dream of giving quality training to kids with name of Honey Tots Preschool which is exceptional in its approach offering an advanced education with traditional qualities and social structure. Honey Tots concentrates on guaranteeing children learn through play and exploration. Everything at Honey Tots is intended to give the best conceivable consideration for your child, in a safe and cherishing environment. It is essential to give proper early childhood education so that he can be developed properly.

Honey Tots vision is to encourage a general public of people fit for dynamic considering, making and starting constructive change in the social, monetary and social fabric; to effect the worldwide group through information, comprehension and disposition. The classrooms and passageways at our play schools have been deliberately intended to be sheltered, beautiful and fortifying. Open air exercises are brimming with fun, with protected, solid supplies, put in sufficient open space at all our play schools.

Infrastructure at our play schools has been uniquely intended to suit the youthful, bouncy and enthusiastic preschoolers, remembering their curious and explorative nature. The courses of action at our play schools advance adapting through, and with, fun and cheer. The splendid veneer of our play school structures and the clean, vivid insides consolidate in making the ideal environment for the kids to "respond" in and get the essential aptitudes. At our play schools, there are no formal classrooms, simply topical rooms like a water room, varying media room, and workmanship and art room etc. The pretend room is especially valuable in improving life aptitudes in little kids.

Teachers and care givers at our play schools are devoted, experienced and roused to give all-round improvement to the kid. They grasp the perspective that every kid is an one of a kind individual with an individual example and timing of social, enthusiastic, physical, and intelligent improvement. Healthy student-teacher ratio to ensure that your child gets individual attention. Combination of Playway and Montessori techniques offering a favorable system for learning